Our First CSY Book Club Gathering

  The votes were counted and the books and charity (The Covenant House Toronto) were chosen.  We read and then we gathered.  I was very excited to meet for the first time with the new group that was emerging at Creating Space Yoga studio. We had a brilliant group of women come together.  Some of them were yoga students, some friends of  CSY students, a sampling of our yoga teachers and a couple of women joined us who had attended our Mindfulness Lectures.  We were an eclectic, wonderful mix...

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Making Modifications

A long and active life involves making modifications. Age is going to happen to those of us fortunate enough to experience it.   Aging with grace, for me involves considering “What do I have to do today to keep me in better shape than yesterday?”  I have learned that one secret to graceful aging is learning to modify our actions today, tomorrow and next year to enable us to keep moving! The Creating Space Yoga Walking group embraces making modifications.  We aim to teach our students...

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CSY Walkers Have Their Say!

“Your walking class is giving me a wonderful opportunity to learn how to move into the “cardio zone” properly, without the usual joint strain and bouncing around that comes from running. You are teaching us from the ground up and I am so impressed with how scientific your approach is, even though this is cleverly disguised under the veil of a good time. I am actually having great fun and It feels so good to get outside after a long, hard winter. Finally, you and your personal story are tru...

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Walking With My Mom – My Experience As A CSY Walker

Okay, I am letting the “cat out of the bag” (is that the saying?),  Karin-Lynn Cumming is my Mom and she is also one of the CSY Walking Group coaches.  This is important because I am proud of her.  Her story from “couch potato” to “personal trainer” is inspiring and at one time completely out of character and unexpected. (I will include her story on this blog in the near future). It is also important because I know I got the best walking coach that I felt suit...

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