Why Would Anybody Want To Learn About The MPC?

I remember teasing Dr. T. several weeks ago. I poked at him, “Why would anybody want to learn about the MPC?” He rolled his eyes, laughed at me (as he usually does) and then sighed and spoke. He said with a coy smile on his face, “Robyn, this lecture will change your life! It will allow you to understand what you teach more fully. Robyn, you will come to love the MPC!” So here I am a few days after his lecture, “The Amazing MPC” and I must admit … he was right. The MPC is amazing. More amazing t...

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Is Setting Goals Not Compatible with Mindfulness?

The Mindfulness Lectures were launched this past weekend and it was nice to finally “let it go”. Dr. T and I entered into the event with a huge sense of unknowing. It was liberating to not have expectations. With 22 lectures under our belt, we began to see the possibilities of how the Mindfulness Lectures can expand this year. We have witnessed a beautiful, slow growth of an emerging community that has become stronger and more engaged with each lecture that we present. It was obvious to us, that...

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The Mindfulness Lectures – A Retrospective by Dr. Treyvaud

I don’t remember the exact circumstances around which Robyn and I first met, the way I also don’t remember the day of my birth. I do know however that there was a day I popped out of my mother’s womb and the full catastrophe of a lived life ensued. I also know that Robyn and I share a common Yoga mother,  Helen Duquette, who still teaches at the Creating Space Yoga studio. When I first met Helen many years ago I discovered that her teaching was unlike anything I had ever encoun...

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The Mindfulness Lectures In Numbers

9 Seasons 22 Lectures 44 Hours 800+ Participants It is hard to believe that we just completed our 3rd year of the Mindfulness Lectures. While the numbers are impressive, what they don’t reveal is the blended magic that has come from combining the Creating Space Yoga community with the Mindfulness Centre community. The product has been an incredible network of like-minded individuals which has created a curious, supportive and growing community. I always walk away impressed by the diversity and i...

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More Clever Than Your Habits

“Your yoga practice has to be more clever than your habits.” ~TKV Desikachar While working with yoga educator/author Leslie Kaminoff many things rang true, but none so much as the above quote that he picked up from his teacher T.K.V. Desikachar. This has transformed my yoga practice. It has brought a new awareness to how I move in my yoga as well as an added awareness to the way I sit at a desk, write on this computer keyboard, put the dishes in the dishwasher and even the way I comm...

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An Interview with Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud About The Mindfulness Lectures

Cheryl Smith: Do you find that people are increasingly interested in Mindfulness Meditation? It seems to come up all the time in news articles, etc. these days. Stephane Treyvaud: Yes, it’s certainly an emerging awareness. The thing about it is that like anything else that becomes an emerging awareness, you have a lot of relatively superficial enthusiasm that accompanies it. I see that a lot of people do a lot of talk about it, but when it comes to actually developing the staying power, to actua...

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The Mindfulness Lectures – What People Are Saying

We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud join us for the Mindfulness Lectures Series. The feedback has been incredible! Take a look… “I thoroughly enjoyed and deeply appreciated the thought and planning of these lectures. Their intelligence and wisdom was really profound and helped explain a scope of our human development.” “The lectures are wonderful, informative, stimulates growth and creates endless possibilities!” “I feel a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the...

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A Chat with Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud

On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Dr. Stéphane Treyvaud about his upcoming lecture series at Creating Space Yoga. Dr. Treyvaud is an Oakville-based psychiatrist who treats adults in a private practice, but also runs a Stress Reduction Clinic that teaches Mindfulness Meditation to reduce stress, manage chronic pain, and help prevent disease. He gave a series of well-attended lectures last year at CSY and has returned to do another four lectur...

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