Note To A Beginning Student ~ Give Way To Softness and Space

Fifteen years ago I started practicing yoga as a new beginner.  Consistently I have practiced over these years and have discovered I really am always a beginner – just as each day is a new beginning, so it is every time I step on my yoga mat.  On my mat the chaotic energy of the day, of the week, begins to fade away.  My mind slows down, my breathing becomes steadier, my body begins to settle, I am more still ~ I begin from where I am this day.  Years of regular practice has allowed a “letting g...

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A Catalyst For Truth

This is for the student who has yet begun their journey on a yoga mat.  This is for all of you who have considered starting a yoga practice, have heard amazing things about yoga or who have been told by their doctors to “take up yoga”.  This is for all of you who don’t know how to start or are too intimidated to take that first step.  This is for you. Most importantly…when you are new to the yoga practice it’s okay to be a beginner.  It is impossible to instantly know what to do, how to behave,...

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