Note To A Beginning Student ~ Give Way To Softness and Space

Fifteen years ago I started practicing yoga as a new beginner.  Consistently I have practiced over these years and have discovered I really am always a beginner – just as each day is a new beginning, so it is every time I step on my yoga mat.  On my mat the chaotic energy of the day, of the week, begins to fade away.  My mind slows down, my breathing becomes steadier, my body begins to settle, I am more still ~ I begin from where I am this day.  Years of regular practice has allowed a “letting g...

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CSY Walkers Have Their Say!

“Your walking class is giving me a wonderful opportunity to learn how to move into the “cardio zone” properly, without the usual joint strain and bouncing around that comes from running. You are teaching us from the ground up and I am so impressed with how scientific your approach is, even though this is cleverly disguised under the veil of a good time. I am actually having great fun and It feels so good to get outside after a long, hard winter. Finally, you and your personal story are tru...

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A Note From A Student…

Hi Robyn, I wanted to give you some feed back about the Friday Restorative Yoga class from last week. It was certainly very relaxing and what a wonderful way to end the week. Nicole was great – she definitely gave a great sense of support & nurturing and it was such a treat to have a blanket wrapped around you for warmth & comfort. A few of us were laughing as we arrived with our mats and our blankets (we felt like we were coming to a PJ party) – so there was a sense of fun too. Initiall...

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Dear Helen,

Your “Sound of Yoga” workshop was an uplifting and wonderful experience. You describe symptoms and difficulties with speaking out that resonate with me. After the workshop I was thrilled to find space in my voice box, seriously!! I feel that I gained a space, which somehow translates as a moment in which to think clearly and feel confident before vocalizing my thought. I would highly recommend the workshop to any level of yoga student who has a desire to empower their thoughts and sp...

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