Using Yoga To Eliminate Tension In The Jaw, Throat and Face – A Workshop with Cheryl Smith

Most of us know the power of yoga and why its practice can be an important tool to move through life with.  Many of us fail to realize that yoga is so much more than what is practiced on our mats and in a yoga class.  We hope that we can continue to bring CSY yoga students workshops that reinforce the power of yoga and how it can be applied to everyday challenges. On November 11, 2012  from 10am – 12pm Cheryl Smith will be offering this unique workshop.  This is why she finds interest in t...

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I Can See The Horizon And It Looks Bright

I can see the horizon again and it looks bright! I am happy to have a lighter step and feel that some weight has been lifted off of my hard shoulders. Our website is almost complete and I am ready to share it with you!...

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