Yoga for Fibromyalgia

Many people have heard of fibromyalgia but may not be sure what it is.  Fibromyalgia is a condition affecting 2-8% of the population, and it is characterized by chronic pain in tender spots, mainly in the neck, shoulders, and low back.  Other symptoms may include sleep problems, joint pain and depression.  The cause is not known. I became interested in fibromyalgia because I have had a number of students over the years with this painful condition.  The students and I found ways to modify a more...

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I Would Like To Try Yoga But…

As a yoga teacher, I often meet people who say they would like to try yoga, but …. they’re a bit overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga (which one should I do?).  They wish they had tried it when they were younger and fitter, and they’re afraid they’re not flexible enough now to do a class.  They don’t want to feel embarrassed if they can’t do the “moves.”  They have bad knees or other lingering injuries.  And they don’t have the time.  Well, I can’t help you with that last one, bu...

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Chair Yoga – What Is It?

Chair Yoga is a class of traditional yoga poses adapted so they can be done while sitting in a chair. It is ideal for people who have trouble standing for long periods of time, those who have balance issues, or for those who find it hard to get up and down off the ground. However Chair yoga is beneficial for any student, from beginners to those working at the more advanced levels. Our Chair yoga class is dynamic and challenging, developing greater strength, flexibility and balance for students a...

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