Bound By Certainty

I remember moving away from home at the age of 18 feeling confident that I was already worldly, independent and smart. I was full of hope and in my opinion, already had an incredible sense of knowing. It amazes me when I look back and marvel at my young confidence. A fortunate epiphany and my greatest learning that first year away from home and attending university was the realization that what I thought I knew was so small compared to what I still had to learn! It was a humbling acknowledgement...

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You Start Where You Are…

The summer flew by. The speed at which it moved makes me think that I didn't find the time I needed this summer to be still, to reflect, and to pause. Although busy, it was filled with good times, socializing with good friends, playing with my kids, a long road trip and time spent at the ocean. It was good, but it flew by....

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