Parent & Teen Mindfulness Workshop

with Jennifer Brighton


This is a 90 minute experiential workshop where you will learn the basics and benefits of a Mindfulness practise. We will weave in and out of learning and experiencing Mindfulness techniques in order to get a flavour of what you might experience once you’ve developed a solid routine practise. We will discuss how parents can take a mindful approach to their parenting, specifically working through the typical teen issues. Teens will benefit by being prepared for these shifts in their parent’s approach in addition to learning how mindfulness can bring a sense a calm to themselves when they experience heightened emotions.

Registration in advance is recommended. This workshop will be limited is size. This is an excellent workshop in preparation for attending the MBSR-Teens program that we will offer this spring.


Date:  Coming again in the Spring 2018
Time:  11:00am – 12:30pm
Fees:  $30 per person