The Mindfulness Lectures with Dr. Treyvaud

The Challenge and Potential of Mindsight

Mindfulness is not what you think, and despite all good intentions and an initial curiosity, most people struggle to keep their practice alive.

This interesting fact will be the topic of todays’s lecture, as we will explore the challenging truth about mindfulness training. We will discover that mindfulness is more about sweat and tears than peace and serenity, disrupt misperceptions about what mindfulness is, and dispel the notion that it is easy.

In fact, mindfulness is in the service of mindsight, the capacity to perceive your own mind and the mind of others. Developing mindsight is central to health, because as surprising as this may sound, all we can experience is mind, not reality. How do we go about all this? Why should we persist in the face of great odds against us? What does it take to successfully engage on the most difficult journey you’ll ever embark on? What are the pitfalls, monsters and dragons you will encounter along the way? Is there ever any light at the end of the tunnel? Is there even a tunnel? These are questions we will address by shedding light on the most obvious that is so rarely acknowledged, so that you may have the privilege to leave the lecture with better questions than those you came in with.


Date:  Saturday, December 2, 2017    
Time:  3:00pm – 5:00pm
Fees:  $50.85 (hst included)

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Dr. Treyvaud is a psychiatrist and the founder of The Mindfulness Centre. He has specialized in helping people through psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation. With over 40 years meditation experience, he is a seasoned teacher who has developed ‘Dynamic Mindfulness’, a unique somatically based meditation approach.

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This lecture will take place at Creating Space Yoga Studio.
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