Nia – Leslie McHugh

Leslie McHugh was introduced to her Nia practice in 2001. Inspired to learn more about Nia and feed her passion to dance and move in ways that are supportive and healing for her body, mind and soul she chose to train and then started teaching Nia in 2004.

Ballet, gymnastics and biking shaped her younger years. Traveling, birthing, doula work and attending to four children consumed her 20`s and 30`s. Soul searching led her to Nia at 40. Now in her 50`s Leslie finds herself renewed, energized and loving life teaching and sharing Nia. She now feels more pleasure moving and dancing through her life with the many benefits her Nia practice provides her.

In class Leslie welcomes you to experience Nia Your Way, fostering creativity, confidence and self-expression. She invites you to deepen body awareness, develop grace, power and muscle tone … or simply notice how it feels to have FUN during a Nia class!

~ Love Your Body ~ Love Your Life ~ Through Movement We Find Health ~

594 Chartwell Road
Oakville, Ontario