Yellow Finch Yoga


Today was grey. It was cool but humid.

The kind of day where you decide not to bring an umbrella and it decides to pour on you, or you bring your umbrella and the rain never seems to arrive. Although the skies were an ashen grey, it was bright at the same time. While driving you needed your sunglasses but your windshield wipers remain on slow delay. A curious kind of day.

So there he was with a bright yellow belly and a midnight black crown clinging on to the window screen.

Gazing into the yoga studio, his form was brilliant against the mundane backdrop. He appeared to be the subject of a hyper realism painting that was interpreting a new sense of reality.  He was inspiring, curious, and calm.

So were my students on the floor.

The moment in time that I was witnessing was a coming together of souls. My yoga students were immersed in a restorative yoga class. The yellow finch looked as though he too wanted to participate. I was the observer, the witness.

I could only smile as I watched the moment unfold.

Beauty on the floor in the peace of my students. Beauty in the window of a simple yellow finch living completely in the moment. Alert and calm. All is as it should be.



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