We created a space for you to…

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Let your movement be a meditation.

Listen to your body wisdom and intelligence.

Celebrate what you can do.

Blow away tight spaces.

Unravel and heal.

Listen to the quiet whispers, the tiny sighs, the gentle openings.

Appreciate that you are an amazing being.

Make connections, feel important, be appreciated.

This is the essence of our yoga.

This is how we teach and practice yoga as a community.

Studio News

Spring Schedule is now open for registration.
Spring classes begin Monday, April 11th.  Registration and drop-in students can reserve by email.  Some of the classes are full or are close to capacity.  Please reserve a spot in the classes of your choice asap!

We are closed for the Victoria Day long weekend.  Classes will resume on Tuesday, May 24th.



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Yoga For Fibromyalgia

Many people have heard of fibromyalgia but may not be sure what it is.  Fibromyalgia is a condition affecting 2-8% of the population, and it is characterized by chronic pain in tender spots, mainly in the neck, shoulders, and low back.  Other symptoms may include sleep problems, joint pain and depression.  The cause is not known.

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